Go Away Little Girl:The Ultimate Sapphic Sex List

There are all of these “Hot Lists” coming out: Auto-Straddle’s Hot List, After Ellen’s Hot 100 and that’s cool in a lukewarm safe for the kiddies kind of way.

However despite the occasional inclusion of Helen Mirren, NONE of those sites appear geared to adult women. I am talking SEX, not cheerleaders, not Sub Text and not always bare shoulders only shots, just Raw Unadulterated Sex Appeal.
Many of the honorees are either Lesbian, played a lesbian character, appeared in a same sex scene or alluded to lesbianism in such a manner that just the thought revs your engine. If they haven’t done any of those things or if I have no idea of who they are then their Sex Appeal is so strong that the wetness and lust they evoke is enough. One doesn’t always need to be nude to be considered sexy, still it doesn't hurt.

#1 Sofia Vergara- I love 44 year old Sofia Vergara as a brunette, but some of my readers may prefer Blonds and Sofia is a natural blond who dyes her hair brunette for the television series Modern Family. Besides, the only subtext I enjoy is when Gloria alludes to kissing another woman as she did in the episode where she took Claire’s youngest daughter to the mall.


#2 Taysa Van Ree- For Quite some time, I’ve adored the look that Johnny Depp developed for himself and since I was unsuccessful in pulling off the look myself, I squealed with glee when I discovered Taysa Van Ree easily pulled of a Depp doppelganger.


Taysa’s artistic, she’s hot and completely says: “Do You Want to.....?” Yes I do my dear. Shhh don’t tell:

#3 Freja Beha Erichsen- First came Helena Christensen that Sexy Danish model and current Bali Bras spokesperson, but alas Helena isn’t lesbian so her if*ck quotient is very low, despite her exotic looks:

Enter Freja:vlcsnap-00024 She’s Lesbian looks exotic and is one of today’s hottest models.

With Girlfriend (?)

Young Helena Christensen
#4 Shay Mitchell- The Prettiest Liar is also the sultriest and sexiest one. Alas Shay may be too young for me.

#5 Nadia Hatta There’s only one Taiwanese, Indian, Hainan, and Arabic multi-national bombshell who can convincingly play the role of an African American lesbian prisoner with a panther tattoo to the point of bringing her audience to tears. Such is the mark of a true actress and an artist with no fears—Nadia Hatta, ladies. Did I mention that being Ethnically ambiguous is the new sexy?


Editor’s Note: As I prowl the internet seeking African American Lesbian celebrities I was deluged with black lesbian porn sites and hard pressed to discovery any individual outside of the usual suspects the most out of which is that over hyped chick from the SyFy Channel. Until African Americans deal effectively with their internalized homophobia the pickings will be very slim as I am not inclined to list someone merely because they are African American and also a lesbian or Queen Latifah. This is after all the Sexy List.

#6 Paula Patton – Now in the comedy Jumping The Broom, Patton played a lesbian teacher in the movie: Precious.


#7 Rebecca Leigh Hard Body lesbian fitness model Rebecca Leigh’s body is a wonderland, I wonder is she’ll......

#8 Christina Hendricks – She may not be Sapphically inclined but Christina and her “Girls” want to reach gay women and she does that most effectively.

#9 Amanda Moore-

#10 Sexy Older Women - they may not be lesbian but I wouldn’t turn them down is they wanted to try.
Carmen Dell Orifice.
I saw some 1950s modeling shots of Dell'Orefice taken by famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon, and the photos were glorious.
With her shock of perfectly-groomed white hair and cut-glass cheekbones, Dell'Orefice is often referred to as "the world's oldest working model." She made a catwalk appearance in Jean Paul Gaultier's first Hermès show in 2004 and John Galliano's Dior haute couture show in 2000.



Honorable Mention:
The Goddess-Warning NSFW VIEW

Finally- The Butches. Though not well known they certainly look like they’d know what to do.




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