Yep they are STILL around

As dumb as those nitwits on Jersey shore but cuter and there is “Girl on Girl” stuff goin’ on also.

Even Florina validates what I have written on this blog for months:  “Bisexuals use the same sex for pleasure but choose the opposite sex for life partners.” See I “told” you all that I’m not Bi-Phobic” and now you have proof. So what’s with Flo calling the other girl a homophobe and that she does women because she may settle down with a woman (What a LIAR…Hello), Florina even admitted earlier in the episode that her mother knows that she  (Flo) is physically attracted to women but is going to marry a man and have children with a man! 
How deceptive is that? Is that what they do?: Marry men or otherwise claim a bisexual identity because they are in a new movie or  on a popular television series (In which case you will NEVER any real evidence). isn't that right Megan "Mrs. Brian Austin Green" Fox?

I don't watch this show regularly so I don't pay close attention, but I do remember Florina as every season they have someone like her on.
I also don't believe the other woman was being a Homophobe, maybe that person was wrong to insist that Flo choose "women or men", because what she should have told Florina is that she should be honest, simple basic honesty. What is so wrong with a woman telling another woman that she is married but is sexually available? This is why women raised in Europe appeal to me so much. I met a woman from Spain. She was married and told me so, she also told me that her husband didn't mind her sleeping with women.  There...DONE.


American women aren't so honest. It's almost as if they are so busy scheming to get their way and honesty gives you the opportunity to reject them.
Yes, they will tell you they are bi, but most will just leave it at that.

I grow weary of women not being straightforward. I've never been hurt by a bisexual women, but one has told me: "If a guy answers the phone when you call, it's my brother." Really? As if a woman in her mid 40's is still living with her brother. Oh and I did not call her after receiving that RED Flag!
Keyword is HONESTY! By the way, what is up with Amber Heard? Once The Rum Diary was released she jumped on the bisexual bandwagon in a flash. Maybe Taysa Van Ree is young enough to survive it, but everyone wants a life partner.  So either this is the scam of the century or Taysa knows something that she thinks we don't know.

The Question is: "How can bisexuals cry that they are being treated unfairly when many of them treat their same sex partners unfairly, by not being honest about their true intentions"?

To see numerous formerly lesbian websites engage in a pervasive attempt to "normalize" heterosexual sex for lesbians, leads me to believe that the next move for sites like AE or Autostraddle is to eliminate any reference to Lesbians and Bisexuals altogether to focus on the heterosexual nuclear family, and you can forget the other identifications like: Queer...etc.


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