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Freja Beha Erichsen may not be the most famous model in the world - although she's getting there - but Freja is certainly the coolest. The Danish supermodel looks set to be the next Kate Moss - her scruffy chic shag cut and effortless styling have seen her appear in countless catwalk shows and campaigns this year, and it surely won't be long before clients are asking for a 'Freja' in the salon.

The Cool thing about being an Out Model is that once it is known hat you are a lesbian, you can remain a lesbian no matter how famous you get. You don’t have to do the “I am NOT a Lesbian!" apeil, like Amber Heard did to Esquire Magazine, once The Rum Diary was released.
Model Eve Salvail came out and stayed out.
Jessica Clark did the same. 

Amanda Moore, Tasha Tilberg etc [not all the women appearing in video are lesbian].

Seems like only actresses are the greedy ones wanting to appeal to the lesbian population by claiming a “Bisexual” identity while remaining safely snug in their exclusively heterosexual relationships.
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