"If I never have bottom surgery [the procedure by which a penis is created], I'm fine. I feel 100 percent male as I am."

image Chaz Bono is hoping that the world can start to see past him as a trans man. I can’t stop seeing past you as a Butch Lesbian Chaz.

That’s fine, just don’t expect the majority of the straight world to view you as a male [Just keeping it real Chaz, “Hope” has nothing to do with it]. 


If I wrote it once I’ve written it a 1000 times:  Males place a pathological sense of importance on the penis. I’ve had stupid little grade school boys mouth off at me and tell me that they are better than me because I’m a “hole” and they have a “dick.” It starts young and is routinely reinforced by a patriarchal society. America isn’t as culturally advanced as some parts of Europe are {And I’m not going to even approach the issues that the continent of Africa has on this topic].

It would be nice if we could just make up the reality that we are surrounded by, but life is not like “L Word” or “Rizzoli and Isles” subtext. Just saying it doesn’t make it real.

However, maybe this type of delusion will work in Hollywood since it’s the land of make believe, a land where every pronouncement of one’s personal life gets blown out of proportion.

Chaz claims to be working out now [Again just saying it doesn’t make it real], I wonder if he came across my critique blasting him for not doing the work that other trans-men do to acheive desirableness? I mean he doesn’t look any thinner, not after all that hard work they put him through on Dancing With The Stars. 

if Bono was truly sticking with a work out plan, we would see the difference. Besides everyone I know who was addicted to drugs is skinny, most drug abusers are unhealthily thin. I've seen old pictures of Bono and he's ALWAYS been extremely overweight. I don't know of any drug that makes you fat other than marijuana which gives one the "munchies."

None of that really matters, because as an older lesbian, I know firsthand that the only women who are going to date Chaz are lesbians or women who view Bono as a walking ATM. That’s right, I said it. Mama Cher’s money will afford Chaz Bono some of the most desirable and beautiful women available [Lucky guy], but they will either be lesbian or just after his money..aww come on…you know I’m right.

Anywho this will be my last commentary concerning Bono, he’s not worth gaining free publicity from me. Chaz Bono is a poser, he emotionally abused his fiancé used her for a reality show, made a fake ass marriage proposal and then dumped her. He went on Dancing With The Stars and proclaimed to be a “New Type of Guy” then whined like a stereotypical woman when his dancing was critiqued.

So if you think Bono is going date emotionally stable and healthy women who aren’t with him for his resources then you are as delusional as he is about not having a dick.

WAIT maybe Chaz IS 100% Male because many males act like Pricks and Chaz is well on his way to achieving that award also [At least it will be an award that Bono actually earned].

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