Trans Man

I am NOT against Transgender, not at all. I respect guys who are real! Who don’t use the media to put forth a fake agenda and then go on TV Dance Competition shows to drum up support. I mean COME ON! and yes whether this guy or the other one…Men will always place a premium on the fact that they have a penis and won’t admit that they won’t see these two as real men.

I came across these videos by Meiko Elias Xavier , and I gotta’ tell you, this guy is pretty, pretty much a hottie to me and if he never had “Bottom Surgery” I wouldn’t be mad at him…Although I admit he is hotter in the top video when he reduced his intake of Testosterone, he looked more Androgynous.

So why am I easy on him and not the other one? Listen to him, he’s coming off as real and there is no big money machine behind him. He is speaking from the heart and not in expectation of receiving an award or a paycheck…or on some BS red carpet.

Permanent and Temporary Effects of Testosterone (2008)

Butch Lesbians vs. Transmen?

Now before you criticize me for being against the other one because of his size, not true. Plenty of Transmen are larger, it’s about doing the work. In the first video the subject had temporarily stopped taking testosterone,. and even though his face started to feminize you could still see the definition in his body.

The other guy would just pull off his shirt for a photo op, and man was that other guy a mess, yet it was expected that the public would accept him, because his mother is famous.


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