Best Lesbian TV and Movie Summer Ever?

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Is the Summer of 2013 turning out to be the best summer ever in the context of Lesbian representation on television and film? Granted I could quibble with the fact that with the exception of: Orange Is The New Black, the other television shows with Lesbian characers seem to gave been writen by teens for teens. I stand corrected. These shows seem to have been written by young adults for teens. In fact the Fosters and Pretty Little Liars are marketed towards teens.

But that’s Okay, because  I’ve learned after six years of being disappointed by The L Word, not to make waves as this is about as good as television will ever get.

I want to explore my love/hate relationship with Joss on show; Mistresses and the uneasy feeling that I get.


It’s bad enough that Joss is a "cookie-cutter" replica of Caitlin from Cashmere Mafia and I understand that Joss is exploring her SEXUAL IDENTITY, but  um wtf happened to that guy she was doing? There’s little continuity at this point. See I am losing perspective as to the amount of time passing. It seems like Savi has been waiting for over a month with her “Who’s The Baby’s Daddy” Drama.

 Not to mention that Joss moved out and reconciled with Savi, but viewers don’t know what precipitated the reconciliation.  Also why is a savvy successful real estate agent such as: Joss always acting like she doesn’t have a clue about romance to the degree that she needs guidance from a heterosexual male to decide to be in a relationship with a lesbian? Good Grief! Besides Joss will probably end up with him anyway. Can this be anymore predictable?

 Don’t give me the: “Love Is Love” argument either, because the science of compatibility lies in understanding the importance of shared interests, cultural norms and values. There are things that a heterosxual male would usually be unfamiliar with in the context of a Lesbian lifestyle.

 More importantly: I am uneasy with Alex’s reaction to Joss’ announcement that the two women become partners. I got the feeling that Alex started having second thoughts about her ex Sallie the moment she and Joss ran into Alex’s ex and her new girlfriend named “Story” - “Like A Bedtime Story” Hello! is that an great name or what?

 Maybe I am still projecting memories from the original Mistresses, but I felt that Alex used the “I want more” excuse thinking that Joss being the free spirit she pretends to be, wouldn’t want to go any further, leaving Alex free to pursue her ex. 

 I mean isn’t that what we lesbians sometimes do?  We can be VERY complex. That’s why being lesbian is such a challenge, we’re ALWAYS thinking.

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