See What I Mean?

When I watched last week’s episode of Mistresses [US} I was quick to pick up on Alex’s reaction to seeing her girlfriend (I'm using the present tense because we already know what's going to happen) as well as her subsequent behavior towards Joss.

Okay I admit that it’s not rocket science that odds are that Joss will be the one who gets her heart broken when Alex realizes she wants Sallie back.

But first can we address that insufferable soundtrack? You know what I am alluding to, because it’s the same music we heard on Desperate Housewives and even Gray’s Anatimy when it has scenes with light humor. Is there only ONE orchestra in Hollywood and does it provide music for every single show on ABC?

Alex Wants ALL or Nothing At All

Please Enlarge player if you are unable to see the video.

Now let’s dish about Joss and Alex. Really does Joss seriously need to seek guidance from a straight man to figure out the complexities of this lesbian relationship? What are the ages of the writers?  Because invariably every successful professional 30 something year old woman on an ABC show reverts to being a mindless 15 year old.

I suggest that writer Jenji Kohan give a teleplay writing seminar or better yet the writers over at Mistresses be required to watch all six seasons of WEEDS and the debut season of Orange is the New Black.

 While we’re at it, let’s have Lena Dunham do the same thing, because even though I previously watched both seasons of GIRLS I am not up to watching Lena continue her on the job training writing a 3rd Season of the show. I am definitely unwilling and refuse to be subjected to viewing Dunham’s “Breasticles” on a weekly basis or enduring another unfulfilling season of watching her engaging in coitus with some random dude.

In fact I strongly believe that NO ONE should be given an HBO series merely because they’re related to Judd Apatow.  All Dunham is representing is the fact that Hollywood remains a closed industry where nepotism  reigns supreme.

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