Understanding Race

I watched Dark Girls on OWN…I was saddened by a couple of things. First: It is very focused on the heterosexual realm

Second: The hurt that many of the interviewees displayed at the reaction to their color.

The important thing I found in this program, are things that I already know but hopefully the readers can garner a greater understanding of why darker celebrities are always voted down or ignored on lesbian popular culture sites.

http://www.nysut.org/~/media/Images/NYSUT/NYSUT%20United/2012/February%202012/nu2012_darkgirls.jpgGrowing Up: My peers would call me “Red Bone” because my mother is white. That was completely offensive to me. I am not so light skinned that I can pass. However I am not dark skinned either.




Link is FIXED!:


Most people with lighter complexions live in a world where they are not accepted by whites or darker complected African Americans.

Like the young girl in the video, I also don’t like being called “Black.” My color isn’t black by any means and I don’t care that the KuKluxKlan would identify me as black. That’s the problem with some people of color.

They allow others to establish their sense of self and identity.

One of the biggest challenges people of color face is the internalized racism that we inflict on ourselves.

This is a good program exploring the many dimensions of Racism.

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