When Passion Leads To Compulsion…..


I am not certain when this will be released but it’s quite interesting, that Hollywood seems to be jumping on the lesbian bandwagon. Yeah, do you remember Heather Graham from the movie Grey Matters?

 Now Heather stars as Amy: A vivacious and beautiful gourmet chef who is obsessed with cooking, overeats as a bulimic and uses food as a tool to dominate, be desired and control intimacy.

Growing up Amy was infatuated with her neighbor Saffron (Carrie-Anne Moss The Matrix), a former child star who is now a sad, tragic and lonely introvert she spends most of her time alone until the day she crosses paths with Amy. At first Amy can't believe her luck at having her childhood idol living right next door, and at first the two women even sense an ethereal connection that bonds them.

 Later, as their true colors begin to emerge, both Amy and Saffron discover just how toxic their chemistry may be. when their individual obsessions begin to unravel.

Judging from the preview I do not get the impression that this mjovie will be as sophisticated as DePalma’s Passion. But I enjoy the comedic stylins of Heather Graham and the lesbian subplot is always welcome.


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