3 Weeks…ABC Expects Me To Wait 3 Weeks?

For What?  To  continue watching that crappy lesbian story arc on Mistresses with a clueless Joss and smart Alex? ARE THEY SERIOUS?!


I am over Joss and her unfunny ways, in addition to watching rehashed, unaired ripped off scripts courtesy of Cashmere Mafia.

When someone constantly uses humor inappropriately it becomes unfunny and is a sign of emotional immaturity. I know because when I was younger I was once so insecure  I also tried to make people laugh to ease my discomfort in social situations.

Caitlin and Joss are the same woman!:

Maybe some of the readers remember how that other Lesbian Pop Culture site used to proclaim it’s “Inside Exclusives” like tibits from Cashmere Mafia creator Darren Starr.One such tidbit was showing Alicia and Caitlin in bed together. He never claimed that they were doing anything sexual but that the viewers would see them together and a bed.

So in ep 7 or 8 we see Joss leaping out of bed during her and Alex’s movie night to rush to her friend’s house.

In ep.  9 we have Joss ready to run to Brazil with her absentee mother and assuming that Alex will be supportive? Lucky for Joss that she won’t have that opportunity because she needs to spend as much time doing Er, I mean canoodling with Alex as she can. Considering that Alex is probably going to dump Joss as soon as Sallie [Sp] and her new girlfriend Story (Like a bedtime Story) break up.

Unless Joss does the typical predictable Bisexual thing and sleeps with her male boss.

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Which would be expected since Caitlin did the same thing to Alicia on Cashmere Mafia when Caitlin met that guy at the baby shower. If you haven’t already guessed: I absolutely no longer expect originality in scripted television. But maybe Joss will try to be a virtuous and committed woman to Alex.

Here’s The "Thing", Because There Always Has To Be A Thing.

We all know how insecure males can be and since television executives are disproportionately male, well it goes without writing that Joss’ affinity for women will be short lived. See some men believe that they will have to be included at some point.


So what could be more expected than turning the old adage: “You’re a lesbian because a man hurt you” on its head to: “A woman hurt you and now you’re straight (again)!”

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