In Context…The Death of Trayvon Martin

I’m not a fan of The NBPP (The New Black Panthers) in fact I was convinced that they were a creation of FOX News. 

But this may change my mind: The man is an attorney after all.

I am disturbed by the Trayvon Martin Case. My unease stems from the fact that it was deemed that the case wasn't based on race. See technically George Zimmerman didn't spot Trayvon and think: "Oh a black kid, I Hate blacks." At least that's what the defense was alledging in their steadfast denial concerning the implications of race. But the implications concerning Race are much more insidious.

  There is a long stretch of the video where not much happens. It's unedited to preserve real time both a) for evidenciary purposes - it establishes that traffic inside RATL was minimal that evening other than Zimmerman's driving around, and the uploader didn't want to be accused of editing anything out :-), and b) I want to provide viewers the opportunity to feel just how long Trayvon Martin was standing under the mailbox awning before Zimmerman showed up, to understand just far fetched some of Zimmerman's claims are in terms of the passage of time.

So Zimmerman didn't specifically state that he was unjustly scrutinizing Martin because of his race (despite his claim that "They" always get away[Sic]). However it seems that in Florida, folks are so dimwitted that unless it is BLATANT and in their faces then they are unable  to grasp the overall CONTEXT of a narrative.

There are witnesses who claim to have heard Martin scream.

I am not going to relitigate the case, but I am sick of reading comments on YouTube like:

"Blacks will never be able to live in civiized society" and :



anthony nelson 2 days ago

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Christopher Darden has no credibility, he was handed the O.J. Simpson case in the late 1990's with co-prosecuter Marcia Clark and they failed  miserably to attained a conviction despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence and yes they can convict with circumstantial evidence.

 The reactions of some whites are as delusional as those who believe that George Zimmerman did not profile Martin in the context of the outfit he was wearing and his race.  Although I'd be lying if I denied that the "Skinny" Khaki colored jeans didn't make him look virtually harmless. In addition if Trayvon had been armed he wouldn't have run.

It's easy to hypothesize as to why Trayvon's body ended up back where his initial encounter with Zimmerman. Could it be that Zimmerman marched Trayvon back to the original spot, before Trayvon turned on him and began kicking Zimmerman's ass? But remember Zimmerman had a pistol while Trayvon was the one standing his ground in the classic "Fight or Flight" mode.

The murder of Trayvon Benjamin Martin is not unique, it has gone on for years: Young African American boys like Emmet Till, Tayvon Martin and countless others are murdered merely because they exist. Therefore rest assured that in 30 or more years, there will be a bombshell book released purporting to expose hidden evidence which  would have established Zimmerman's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and would have lead to his conviction.

You don't have to be a psychic to make that prediction and it's annoying to expect such an inevitable occurrence...when it will be too late.

George Zimmerman won't br judged by God either. 

Nonetheless, I hope that the Universe has something exquisitely retaliatory in store for him. 

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