Ding...Ding..Ding…We Have A Winner ….

I’ve taken a break from the Pseudo/Quasi or Sub Textual Lesbian Story Arcs on Cable TV.


I am not watching PLL or R&I, or even the The Fosters [I confess that I never even started].  However I am watching the developing Lesbian Story Arc between Gail and Holly and maybe just maybe I’ll pick up the Alex and Joss story when Mistresses returns.



Right now though I am “Feelin” the Holly and Gail vibe on Rookie Blue and Gail is cute as she does the typical hetero thing of delving into deeper waters without a life preserver, not knowing if she’ll drown.


Just as I felt ready to slap my television, an intelligent lesbian appears. Sure, Holly can make corny jokes just like Joss does. But the difference between the two women is that Joss ALWAYS seems to make jokes, and even when she does exhibit her expertise in real estate it appears that she uses her sex appeal to acheive success.


My personal bias is readily apparent. Beauty and Brains but if both aren't available then Brains comes out on top so to speak. For instance Gail coming across Holly acting as the coat girl at the wedding was for me adorable. It's that free thinking demeanor that someone clued the writers in on, that makes Holly so appealing.

Ep: 8 1st Kiss

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