Don’t You Just Love It?

Aliyah O'Brien

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110517141719/sanctuary/images/thumb/1/16/Aliyah_obrien.jpg/180px-Aliyah_obrien.jpgOh yeah! I don’t know anyone whose Gaydar didn’t pick up the moment they saw Holly the forensic pathologist.

Rookie  Blue [see photo Below].

O’Brien plays Holly: A forensic pathologist on Rookie Blue who happensa to be a Lesbian. Woah talk about an explosion of lesbians on television


“We are really looking for the right way to introduce or explore a gay/lesbian story line or character and we’re trying very hard to do that the right way and to do it thoughtfully and organically. It’s definitely on our list for this season as something we want to try and do right.”


Good Choice in casting such a hottie like  Aliyah O’Brien who doesn’t mind kissing girls.


She is very, very pretty folks and her look is decidedly ethnically ambiguous.

Aliyah O'Brien as Holly

The show: Rookie Blue has grown on me over the past couple of years. In fact this is the first season that I started watching fro the season premier, so when episode 7 aired and I saw Aliyah at the crime scene I could tell that the custume department did their job well as all I could think was: Who is this lesbian?”

Be sure to catch all 6 episodes featuring Aliyah O'Brien on ABC's Rookie Blue:
"Rookie Blue" (6 episodes )
  1. For Better, for Worse (8 August 2013) - Holly 
  2. What I Lost (15 August 2013) - Holly  
  3. You Are Here (22 August 2013) - Holly  
  4. Under Fire (5 September 2013) - Holly  
  5. You Can See the Stars (12 September 2013) - Holly  
  6. Deception (30 September 2013) - Holly  


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