I CAN’T Wait To See This Movie

Remember when Diana's affair with  Dodi al Fayed rocked the British throne? The movie Diana details the late princess' first more serious romance with Pakistani Doctor: Hasnat Khan and you know that the monarchy was not pleased with one brown guy much less two: Dodi was the "RE-Bound" romance?!


So you just know that the Queen probably said: "Diana Must Be Put Down."

My younger readers would probably prefer that I wouldn't address the implications of race in society. But race is a factor in life as we have seen  with Prince Albert of Monaco impregnating African and Caribbean black women, but making a white woman his wife. It's all about restricting access to wealth.

Princess Diana Dr Hasnat Khan
A new film focuses on Princess Diana’s doomed relationship with her surgeon lover, Dr. Hasnat Khan. It would be her final romance before her death in 1997. PNG Archive

The Family Portrait That was Never Meant To be:

Diana. Dodi and son.


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