It’s Getting WORSE

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I am so disappointed that the writers of Mistresses and Rookie Blue has F*cked it’s lesbian fans Big Time and continues to pour salt in my wounds.

As  you may remember:  On Rookie Blue in the 2nd to the final episode of the Season Holly made her grand appearance in the episode less than two minutes before the damn show ended. Holly came to meet Gail at the hospital and no I am not recapping the episode.

However, I will complain that Holly and Gail are having this subtextual relationsip and we the viewers  are  expected to imagine what is going on. The egregious part is that we aren’t privy to the content in which we must create the subtext for. Why? because we have gotten NOTHING from the writers!

Hmm maybe the writers are taking the cue from certain lesbians that are satisfied seeing nonexistant lesbian relationships on television.

In the Rookie Blue season finale, there was no mention or appearance of Holly at all and Gail didn’t seem to mind one bit.

 While on Mistresses we see Joss complaining to Savi that her relatiohip with Alex is very challenging or something like that. How do we know anything about their relationship when we’ve seen NOTHING?

We know from the original Mistresses (U.K.) series that Alex leaves Jess to return to her wife.

If Joss is destined to break up with Alex, then I would have preferred that the writers at ABC follow the original premise and have Joss fall in love with Alex, because having Joss screw Olivier only serves to reinforce the assumption that Bisexuals only use lesbians for carnal pleasure but seek substantive relationships with members of the opposite sex.

Not only that, it also lends credence to my assertion that the character of Joss is a stupid as a bag of dirt if she thinks that because Alex inquired about heterosexual sex, that it gave permission for Joss to cheat by sleeping with Olivier. The only thing worse is if Alex takes Joss back.

Frak You: Rookie Blue, Mistresses and True Blood (which I actually stopped watching 2 years ago).


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