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So Laura Prepon won’t stick around for the 2nd season of Orange Is The New Black? Well at least not beyond a few episodes. That’s Okay, I’m all for momentum.


Besides Piper is only in the slammer for a little while longer and since Alex (Prepon) wasn’t the star of the series then she should move on.


Since I’m not a Scientologist I don’t know how much the church’s homophobia played into her decision, or whether she portrayed Alex  just to keep her face in the media and get  a paycheck,  because aren’t most religions with heterosexual male leaders homophobic?


Who do I wish to see as the newest inmate at Prison?

Why Not:


Back Story:

Jessica Biel as “Rocky” : Remember how in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Erin (Jessica Biel) watched over the kidnapped baby in a highchair? When Henrietta walks outside to join Luda May and Sheriff Hoyt, who are talking to the truck driver, Erin snuck the baby out of the eatery and placed her in the sheriff's car and hot-wires it. Hoyt notices her and tries to stop her, but she runs him down and runs him over repeatedly until he is dead. Thus landing her in prison for premeditated murder and kidnapping an already kidnapped baby! 


Zoe Saldana “Marta” as Crazy Eyes Reluctant New LOVE Interest

In the movie Colunbiana, a young woman witnesses her parents' murder and, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Isn’t that enough to land her ass in prison, where she meets crazy eyes? Will Marta and Crazy Eyes hook up? Hell Crazy people need love too.


Melissa McCarthy as “Lucky” a foul-mouthed "Grifter" who has pulled one too many Ponzi Schemes.

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