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    "I think it will win awards. It is a slow watch and there is no doubt she struggled through a horrible life, but I almost want to say it is about as close to the female version of Boogie Nights! as we're going to get. That said it is a very sad film that shows how women were and probably to extent still are treated in the porn industrious. Wonderful cast with cameos everywhere. . Seyfreid put on a wonderful performance in my opinion, definitely worth a watch, but would recommend at a time when you are wide awake and in the mood for a serious dark drama".


Linda LovelaceOver the weekend, I watched the movie: Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfreid.

Beginning with one of the most memorable soundtracks featuring music from the 1970s:

I didn’t become a fan of the 1970s until the 2000s.

 For me the movie: Lovelace brought back memories of a time when even though I had yet to become a teen, just the sight of what represented the porn industry was displayed on the average male. Such as: The hairy chest, sporting OVERSIZED sideburns, open shirts, tight polyester pants and gold chains like Peter Sarsgaard demonically masterful as Chuck Traynor: Pimp, Abuser, Svengali, Lover and Husband to Seyfreid’s, Linda..

It didn’t matter what the ethnicity of the porn intoxicated male was: Caucasian, African American or Hispanic albeit the latter groups would jazz or spice up the look with the stereotypical add-ons (pimp hat, platform shoes etc.) or even if they actually had hairy chests.

Movie made memorable by appearaces of Sharon Stone with a Cameo by Chloe Sevigne.

Maybe that’s why as the young girl who hadn’t even bloomed into my teen years, I was left with an image of the 70’s male as a Neanderthal, a beast personified by his relentless pursuit of sex.

Nonetheless I thought hat Lovelace was an amazing film, albeit it takes a empathetic view on the life of Linda Boreman (nee Lovelace).

Seyfried deserves most of the praise, capturing a sense of Lovelace,  born Linda Boreman, as real, complex, and not merely as an object of fantasy. Peter Sarsgaard is simultaneously creepy and charming Traynor, the hippie loser who bullied and sexually obsessed, to such an extent that it lead him to marry another porn star, Marilyn Chambers, after his divorce from Lovelace. 

Why was Linda Lovelace Disappointed by Feminism?

Starting in the late 1980s some feminist scholars also began to see porn as a tool that women could appropriate to liberate themselves from patriarchal norms of behavior and beauty. Did Feminism turn its back on Lovelace [a woman lacking discernable professional work experience] after she divorced and needed cash to survive and was that the impetus for her to embrace pornography again?

What others might see as basically a masturbatory aid was cast instead as a genre of utopian social criticism. As for the anti-porn crusaders, Williams adds: ''Really, who are they to tell us where our sexual imaginations should go?''  


Porn Star Belladonna Gets The Herp, Retires Yet even players like world reknown porn celebrity: Belladonna isn't immune from the exploitation, degradation, disease and violence often seen on film. In fact Belladonna is known for her willingness to perform just about any sexual scenario, shocking even the most desensitized porn viewers. Personally, I've seen her interviews and something is seriously wrong the context of her emotional well being.

NOTHING Good comes from Porn and guess what? After this interview Belladonna went on to do WORSE .

 One particular sex act she admits that the 1st time she did that act it was extremely painful, but that she is now used to smiling through the degradation. Much like Linda Lovelace wrote in her book Ordeal. 

Today's Feminist focus has been on international issues like prostitution, human trafficking, and war crimes.

Nohing  good comes from pornography. The perils found in the world of pornography remain endemic. It’s a scene where danger continues to lurk.  Where premature death seems almost inevitable, whether by murder, suicide or drug overdose and disease.


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