Absent Relevance

The Thing is (Because there’s always a “Thing”) I haven’t felt much like writing anything after the events of last week.


It’s difficult to write when I know that some readers who visit my site may be political supporters of those loathsome and reprehensible groups: Republicans and the Tea Party.  Those hate-mongering functional illiterates that spewed venom about “too much spending” ad nauseam for the last 3 years are noticeably silent now. Well except for that idiot Ted Cruz with his no0nstop non Filibuster.

Congress just passed a nearly trillion dollar farm bill. At 955 billion dollars over the next decade this kick in the teeth to the poor, and giveaway to corporations is BIG. Bigger than the stimulus package (831 billion), bigger than TARP (700 billion), bigger than the 2010 Obamacare estimate (940 billion). Then there’s the mass mshootings and terrorist bombings.


I have loved ones who work in the Federal Government, I used to work in the Federal Government and for all of it’s dysfunction [and there’s plenty of it], NO ONE deserved what happened on Monday September 16th, 2013 when Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people and himself (total 13 dead).


What is even MORE disgusting and ridiculous is the blatant misinformation being spread on Social Media, things like: The shooting was fake because it was reported to have occurred TWO days before it actually happened by CNN (It wasn’t) or the most stupid one: It’s suspicious because many people didn’t go to work on that day, so it proves that it was a plan by Obama to take away our guns.

Well if you’re  dumb enough to believe these feeble conspiracies then YOU NEED to have your gun confiscated! You Dumb Ass.


The Federal Government offers its employees the option to work in many different ways. You can Tele-Work from your home (via secure Internet connection) or you can do what the people who weren’t at the Navy Yard did on that fateful morning: You can work a: Flex Time schedule.


This means that the employee works 10 hour days (instead of an 8 hour workday). Those who are on a Flex Time Schedule often choose Monday as the day for the day they get off, because it gives them a three day weekend every other week.


That is the reason some people weren’t at work when the shooting occurred, to think that the President had anything to do with this is preposterous and displays a Palin-esque mindset, in other words: STUPID!


The Self-Defense Self-Delusion

Owning guns doesn't actually help stop gun violence

It’s difficult to write about the fun stuff when things like this happen, see I don’t have an “Inside Track” to reliable sources that give me erroneous spoiler's, such as to who is returning to Orange is the New Black. If you remember when the story broke that Laura Prepon wasn’t going to stay for the majority of the second season I was fine with it. The story continues with or without  Laura Prepon.

More importantly is to remember the individuals whose lives whee taken, and to remember to only way to get guns out of the hands of the uneducated and mentally ill to to elect people who support gun control.

The Only Thing That Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun is a Good Woman With Data, Because barring arming everyone in the United States with a firearm, the President of the NRA h(Wayne LaPierre) asn’t offered any solution to curb gun violence. There have been approximately 16 mass shootings since Obama was elected president.


Many TeaPublicans argue that the majority of gun violence is perpetrated by the poor, presumably the same poor who can’t afford health care. So it adds insult to injury that TeaPublicans want to disrupt and prevent gun control and simultaneously deny poor individuals access to the health care that can possibly put them on the right track IN life.I don’t want to go to sleep fearing that I’ll wake up to breaking news that my loved ones were caught in crossfire.

It’s irresponsible for lesbian bloggers to enable cognitive dissonance that they are blind to what is occurring. 

Wake Up!


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