B*tch Got What She Deserved…

Joss totally screwed over Alex and in return http://s.mcstatic.com/thumb/10968653/28515572/4/videos/0/1/mistresses_joss_the_cheater_season_1.jpg?v=1she was completely treated like the Ho she is by Olivier, who she thought was her new boss. In TV reality Olivier is a consultant that Joss slept with, only to discover that he is returning to Paris.


Naturally like the haggard looking child she is, Joss had no problem for blaming Olivier for destroying her relationship with Alex.  I didn’t see any relationship did you?


But WAIT! It gets worse: Instead of taking a moment to reflect on her betrayal of Alex, Joss trolls local bars to pick up men for: YEP! You guessed it. SEX


Good thing that Alex had no problem kicking Joss to the curb where she belongs. I am not hatin’ on Joss because she slept with a dude, but because she didn’t even seem to want to discuss boundaries.  I mean isn’t that what we adults do? (at least should do with one another). Just because nsomeone mentions a person doesn't mean you've been given permission to sleep with them.

The Good Old Days: Remember Them?


Needless to write but the writers of this show should be fired with no severence pay for this travesty. They were seemingly unable to fathom an idea of an acceptable story arc for this pair, so all the viewers ever saw was Joss saying she was in a relationship, yet never actually Joss being in a relationship. Did they watch the U.K. version of Mistresses? There were 5 episodes of Jess and Alex. If the American version was going to drag the story arc out for the entire season then why couldn't they provide content for the  entire season? Basically we got approximately THE SAME NUMBER OF EPISODES FEATURING THE TWO WOMAN AS IN THE U.K. VERSIO0N, which was more substantive than the weak American ripoff.


Do American TV writers SUCK, or what? In my next post I'll explain why American remakes of anything in foreign media is always an: Epic FAIL.


I never thought I’d write this but i GIVE  BIG PROPS TO RIZZOLI AND ISLES!  Why you ask? Because at least the powers that be associated with that series were honest with the viewers from day one, saying that there was never going to be a lesbian romance…Notwithstanding Subtext.








Oh and Joss thought that she did the honorable thing by giving Alex that house, she also needs to pay for Alex’s screenings for sexually transmitted diseases.


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