Oh Hell No

Yup accuse me of playing the race card, but WTF! What Were They Thinking?

The image below is….Well you’ll just have to figure it out, but if you are unable to figure it out, then maybe the visual below the 1st picture  will clue you in.

Designer quote: “It’s a big shift from last season,” “It’s ballsy but you have to take a risk.”  Um NOT Really.

The first image appeared on Beauty is Diverse.

The 2nd Image appeared during the Jim Crow Era, in the United States.

I don't know the race of the designer, never bothered to check.  However does it matter? Surely this moron is educated enough to see the offensiveness of this ridiculous appearance.  Also is the model that hard up for money that she  s willing to sacrifice the content of her character in such a manner?


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