Well It’s Better Than Nothing (I Guess)

The Season 11 premier of Two and a Half Men featured the arrival of Amber Tamblyn as Charley Harper’s Daughter.

Show creator Chuck Lorre has specifically stated that the character of Jennifer (played by Amblin) is not a lesbian, but bisexual.


Heaven forbid that insecure males be cast to the side as we all know how much they hate rejection. Hopefully Tamblyn won’t sully the name of lesbians, so hat may be a good thing. Then again bisexuals are viewed very poorly as expected.


I had mixed emotions watching this episode because it plays as if the writers have lost their edge and wrote Jennifer as someone lacking individuality. Beside since according to Lorre, Jennifer (I can't bring myself to refer to her as "Jenny") is Bisexual then odds are that the door is open to her romantic involvement with Walden Schmit (Ashton Kucher).  Yawn.

Don't get me wrong. Some of the jokes were funny, however it doesn't take much effort to just take the lines that were already written for Charlie Harper  and have them now come from his daughter.

Also can anyone say: "Alcoholism"? It's nothing to joke about and I have seen fiersthand the damage it does to women who seem to fare worse than men when dealing with the disease.


Besides we don’t know anything about the character Jennifer and for eleven hears viewers were kept in the dark of her existence which defies logic considering the amount of money that family has. Viewers were kept in the dark, because Sheen blindsided the writers and left the show, so they pulled this story arc out of their asses. But surely they could have written something a bit more substantive, NO?


Surely the Harper family would circle the wagons in advance if the possibility of an possible grabber would arise.  I mean that’s what I’ve learned all those years I hung out with some very wealthy folks. They  didn’t become that rich by not hoarding their cash. Yet all we get is Alan Harper giving a passing reference : That maybe she wants miney. All the writers had to do is think about what they wiould do to protect all that money they earn writing crap.

Jennifer is the anti everything you think a lesbian should be. She’s a womanizer and if her dad Charley was a “Man-Whore” Jennifer is a Woman-Whore. A Boozy Whore who is going to eventually sleep with a male (I Guess I'll enjoy the lady lovin' while it lasts.)


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