It’s About Time

Gia Print9_9_2012Finally the complete uncut version. If this disappears I will upload it to another server.

It’s old footage but you can see what I was attracted to in her and YES Gia  Carangi was a LESBIAN and Not bisexual.

Gia's sexualiy is definitively addressed and verified (00:21:22 to 00:28:04) in the interviews with her brother Michael, therapist and one time alleged "lover" Sandy Linter. 

Gia's lesbian identity is important to many lesbians like myself because we don't appreciate it when other sites pander other groups with false claims in an effort to increase or maintain their readership. 

If a lesbian addict sleeps with men for drugs or is raped while high on drugs, it doesn't mean that she is Bisexual. Such claims continue to present bisexuals in a negative light. I would think that the bisexual community would want to rise above such perceptions, but then again maybe there is an element of truth to why bisexuals are perceived so negatively.

I’m glad I didn’t spend money on this.  See I was in contact with the director about a year ago and got the impression after exchanging several communications that he seemed to be using Gia as a commodity in the context that he told me that proceeds from, this film would be going to the Gia Carangi Foundation but the foundation has been inactive for some time.

  The uncut version provides more context not only to memories of why Gia was so impactful on many of us that were around at the time but also to the noition that she may have been Bi-Polar or Manic Depressive and self medicated by using Heroin and how her ultimate decline left the modeling industry still searching for the next Gia.


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