Charlize Theron: ‘I need lust as well as love’ and It seems as if she's found it with Sean Penn

I am in agreement with Heidi Hamilton from Dish Nation! Heidi is a lesbian you know (In Doubt? Check out her tongue YIKES!) and she says that Charlize just hasn't met the right woman yet.
I know that Theron has made some womens dreams come true (by kissing them) and has played lesbian on film more than once Monster and that movie where she and Penelope Cruz were lovers (Head In The Clouds 2004).
http://static.screenweek.it/2008/8/12/Gioco-di-donna-Immagini-dal-film-74_mid.jpgBut does she really have to spoil my fantasy by spreading her legs for Sean Penn? Yes I know that Theron is straight and I don't hold that against her, but as volatile as Sean Penn is, always assaulting random people who want to take \his photo? (Just watch TMZ) 
I mean the man is in his 50's, he should stop acting like a teenage boy  and if he values his privacy so much then don't date someone who is as high profile as Charlize Theron is.
Walk Of Shame
Theron speant New Years Eve in Hawaii with Penn:
Why does she always choose ugly men? Penn was adequate for Madonna, but Theron is high beauty and should aspire for better.


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