Your Lesbian Fans Want More!

Why do actors play lesbian and then as soon as their career is establish abandon their lesbian followers?

Come on Lena Headey Give Us Some  More Lady Lovin’

As Sally Stetson in Mrs Dalloway with Natascha McElhone:

Watch: Mrs. Dalloway HERE


Look at the expression on Natascha McElhone 's face when the husbands interrupt her kiss with Lena Headey, Natascha looks absolutely guilty and jealous as Lena deftly engages her husband Joseph in conversation. Also Natascha's husband looks les than pleased with what he saw.


As Luce in: Imagine Me and You with Piper Perabo.


A  Music Video of  probably lesbian cinema’s most memorable character; “Luce” [Pronounced “loose”] where Headey plays a flower shop owner who meets the love of her life at the woman’s wedding no less. The attraction is clearly mutual and so we go along for the ride as Luce and newlywed Rachel figure out the parameters of their burgeoning romance.


Since: Imagine Me&You, Lena has grown into a sexy, vibrant and mature woman. NOW is the time for her to explore a role where she explores love wit a woman. Don’t  get me wrong because it was sweet seeing a younger Lena and Piper Perabo together but that was then and we’re all a bit older in the here and now.


For that matter


Natascha McElhone,  I want you come back also! We miss you on MySpace, you were one of the rare celebrities who would actually communicate with you fans.


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