Her: Behind the Scenes of A Very Special Movie

I really love this movie because not only does Scarlett Johanssen have this sexy rasp in her voice, the director (Spike Jonze) is able to maintain the high level of intimacy between the characters for over TWO  hours and not once will you look at your watch wondering when  the movie will end. In addition, my readers know that I am not a fan of gratuitous heterosexual sex, I mean that's why I loved The Artist so much, as writer/director Michel Hazavanicius was able to tell his story without the obligatory tits and ass. Just to hear Johanssen in the throes of ecstasy with exclamations  about  how she can feel her skin was very sensual. In fact, I believe that the conversation you are listening to is part of the dialogue from the movie and the one that will lead to the sensuous love scene. You won't see anything, but what you hear is more than enough.

But most importantly as you will hear in this clip, the mellow tone of the movie was quite relaxing and beautiful.


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