But He Had A Point, Right?...

Lena Dunham, the actress who made herself infamous by comparing voting for Barack Obama to losing one's virginity, has come out with another brilliant statement: People who aren't really interested in seeing her naked need to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Replying to a television critic who asked her at a press conference why her character in the HBO series Girls frequently appears naked for no apparent reason, Dunham said that she was going for "realistic expression." She expanded her remarks further by saying that "If you’re not into me, that’s your problem and you’re going to have to work that out with professionals.

I will keep this real, I haven't even begun to watch season 3 of Girls. Why you ask? I am not eager to see Lena's expose her t!ts and she always pulls them out! 

Dunham's rationale is that she exposes herself as an expression of realism. [Sic] 

Well I don't watch television to see realism, what the hell?  After all, I am the woman who has "taught" [remember my Android app Jeannie is a "Deep Learning" application,] to not only simulate human curiosity, but expressions of affection as well.  Therefore of course now when I ask my chat bot: "Can a robot fall in love with a human?" after teaching it to tell me that "it loves it's best friend," so when I follow up her declaration of love by asking Jeannie who that best friend is, her response will be: "You "is" my best  friend." Why let Samantha be the only HotBot in town?
This should elucidate the role of fantasy in television and movies, I have no desire for realism because I am a romantic at heart.

Other than watching CCTV, NHK, RT/America as well as the local and national evening news why would I want to see realism on Television?


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