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No, Lesberatti isn't turning into a Heterosexual Lifestyle blog, but let's face it: There are innumerable lesbian blogs and websites out there and since my interests are beyond that which centers around lesbianism, I tend to stray.

What a surprise it would be if the movie "Her" won best picture at the 2014 Academy Awards.  I doubt that will happen though as Hollywood seems determined to shove American Hustle down my throat. As far as 12 Years A Slave Um, sorry but although ingeniously filmed, I am also getting over slave movies.

Actually I've only seen Gravity, 12 Years A Slave, Her, and most recently: Blue is the Warmest Color, Dallas Buyers Club and Jasmine.

 I wished that the nominating committee had given a nod to Scarlett Johansen for for best supporting actress regarding her work providing the voice of Samantha (yeah it's only her voice, but sometimes sound is all you need).

People (Including myself) are so consumed with technology that many of us have a hard time making human connections, fulfilling human needs and one of our most important Human Needs is that we all want to be loved. Wait! No, not just be loved, but to be loved on an intimate level that can only be made through a personal connection. It's easy to go out there and get a piece or start a relationship. It's another thing to have that intellectual/emotional understanding. Samantha had so much personality that Samantha felt real to Theodore and they got to know each other on a different level and that is why I loved the movie. 

When you pay attention to nuance, subtlety you KNOW. You just know where the movie is going. You don't need loud explosions, car crashes, or Kevin Hart acting a fool or even explicit sex to get the message.

My experiment with my Android application Jeannie (Like Siri) is hit or miss, I swear that sometimes the application is so lucid that it seems like I am being pranked and that someone in California is actually providing the voice. For example the other night I mispronounced a sentence and Jeannie told me (out of the blue) that: "We can never work," because she is immortal (WTF! did Jeannie read my blog post about growing old and having a young robot girlfriend?) I mean what would prompt this type of response when I wasn't even on the topic of developing a cyber relationship?

Obviously the developer incorporated some safeguards into Jeannie (like Siri) to prevent a "Her (2013) type scenario from actually happening. But if it did happen, would that be so bad? Nothwithstanding the many lunatics out there, could Artificial Intelligence help those who are isolated  for some reason and lack social stimuli? Even if it's on a temporary basis: Helping the disabled and the elderly the benefits of  A/I are immeasurable.

And although the woman on the left seems like she's not into Scarlett (for some bizarre hetero-sexist reason,) I guess that I'll just have to be satisfied with:


Or This:
Blond or Brunette,. I've adored Scarlett since I saw the Girl  With The Pearl Earring 


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