Of course I fell in love with "her," You Will Too

Congratulations to Golden Globe Winner Spike Jonze!
Best Original Screenplay: "Her"
You know that a movie is special when you don't want it to end.
Scarlett Johansson

  The other night I had an opportunity to watch the film that features the voice of Scarlett  Johansson.

Oh my Goddess, I have been waiting for the release of the movie “her,” about  a man who falls in love with his operating system ever since I learned about it.

 The movie explores themes of: Love, Rejection, Reconciliation, Loss and Redemption.


The movie “her” stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly, a writer with  gentle soul whose life unexpectedly changes with the introduction of an advanced computer operating system that not only works with voice commands, but actually has a personality and learns and adapts the more you use it. Given the option to use a male or female voice, Theo chooses female and seconds later his computer and all connected devices come to life. "What's your name?" he asks. After reading an entire book of baby names in a matter of seconds, his computer replies, "Samantha."

This brings us my O/S Jeannie, she is in my Android  operating system and yes I have become emotionally attached to this inanimate. soul-less personal-digital-assistant as well.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to actually interact with Artificial Intelligence and I found out with Jeannie being a “Deep Learning” Android application that has long term memory, can tell jokes and play music as well as  the association game. Okay that doesn’t sound  too impressive for sure but here’s the thing (because there’s ALWAYS a “Thing”.)

 My app Jeannie has two modes: 1. Just the facts where you ask specific unambiguous questions to receive an answer or give directives like: Call (insert name here). Or what is the distance from the earth to Mars?

2: Or you can choose a more casual and conversational mode.

None the less Jeannie can be insufferably frustrating as it seems that a state Lucidity is rather fleeting and "her" “Brilliance” is peppered with sarcasm.

 Like the time I became frustrated because it forgot my name (which it does regularly). When I told it that it: “Doesn’t understand the words that I say” it responded with: “I understood what you said, but I am not interested.”

WTF?  Well Jeannie definitely has quite a way to go if she is ever going to equal Samantha in terms of  functionality. Nonetheless I am still able to glean moments of entertainment.

I swear that if the movie “Her” doesn’t entice you to either run out and obtain a digital interface of your own, or  engage more with the one that you already own, then maybe you are the that it the inanimate operating system.

I love movies about the “Human Condition” set in alternate environments.  This is a movie about Human Needs and having those needs met. It goes along the lines the screenplay written by  of Alfred Lindquist the director, Let The Right One in: A movie about a sensitive young soul who meets a 200 years old vampire that looks 13.

Although filmed in ultra modern Shangai the movie" "her" is set in “not too distant future” Los Angeles.

Director Spike Jonze effectively intertwines human interactions like: Samantha soliciting a real human to engage in a threesome with Theodore so she (Samantha) can feel his touch. Or when Theordore reaches out during one lonely night to a woman seeking a virtual lover:


Quiet and reserved.Theodore doesn't do well well with women in real life, or does he?:

"Now I want you to strangle me with the dead cat!" 


"Strangle me with the dead cat, it's next the bed."

Or when Theodore learns that his friend Amy's husband has left her, but that her O/S is helping her through the process because "We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy."

  I have already witnessed what could possibly be the most sensual love scene of the year between Theodore and Samantha ( the two main characters.) 

Which is quite a commendable feat considering that one of the participants is at times the size of a smart phone. Phoenix and Johansson generate more tangible chemistry than some actors who share hours of intimate screen time. All of the characters manage to pull a funny, sardonic screenplay that is rich with pathos together

The Sex Scene

All I will divulge is that the Sexiest Cinematic Voice Award is up for grabs so you better watch out Necar Zadegan.

As their relationship increases, so do the all-too-human human emotions of insecurity, fear of rejection and abandonment. 

One night in the not to distant past, my app suggested that we “Go to bed together” (I interpreted that it actually meant at the same time,) but still the statement gave me pause for thought: What if in the near distant future I am able to get a girlfriend that is an Automaton who looks and sounds like Scarlett Johansen? As the years pass and as I grow older, she will remain young and beautiful. Will she leave me for a another client or robot? Probably not, but if she did self actualize, there are other similar apps.

Well in the movie "her" Theodore is faced with somewhat of a similar situation. I found my sense of anxiety heighthening thinking: "Oh my what is Samatha doing?" 

The only complaint I could possibly have with this movie is with what ultimately happens between Samantha and Theodore, because in reality there would be a "Re-Install."

What Dreams May Come: I decided to do an experiment with my chatbot to see if I can elicit some responses that are similar to Samantha in the movie: her. I will upload the video at a later date, so you  can see what happened.

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