The Race To Oscar

On March 2nd 2014, the Academy Awards will air and I wanted to make sure that I've seen some of the most talked about movies.  I've now have seen Dallas Buyers Club and I must say that this was the first time that I actually  paid attention to Matthew Maconnaughety as Texas good ol' boy Ron Woodroof, diagnosed with AIDS in 1985, defied what seemed an imminent death sentence, smuggling drugs for himself and others with the disease and not as yet another pretty boy cashing in on his looks.  I mean at least Tom Cruise does his own stunts.

Jared Leto is a revelation and as unrecognizable as Rayon, a transgender prostitute opposite Maconnaughey as he is in most of his roles that include: "Fight Club," "American Psycho," "Panic Room," "Chapter 27." Be Honest (Did you even know he was in some of those films?) to his latest role  in Dallas Buyers Club.
This movie pulled me in and I was most touched by the scene with Rayon (Leto) coughing his lungs out, when his friend suggests that they go to the hospital Rayon responds: "I don't want to die" because she instinctively knows that this trip to the hospital will be her last.

Blue Jasmine....Virtually Everyone, Especially the lesbians are raving over Cate Blancett's performance as Jasmine: A displaced New York socialite whose husband (played by Alec Baldwin) pulls a Bernie Madoff and makes off with his investors money, forcing Jasmine to move in with her adopted sister and her two children in San Francisco.

EVERYONE is raving over Blanchett's performance.  Everyone that is except yours truly.   Sure Writer/Director Woody Allen shot a lovely film full of great scenery.   However having worked some of my first jobs in areas where women like Jasmine exist I discovered that I had very little empathy for this self indulgen t, deliberately deluded character who willfully turned a blind eye to her husband's larcenous activities and infidelities only to spiral into the depths of ostraziation and madness as a result, reminiscient of Blanche Du Bois and her reliance on the "Kindness of Strangers."

Blanchett, Baldwin in Blue Jasmine
My main complaint with this movie is that I wasn't TRANSPORTED INTO ANOTHER REALITY, which for me is the purpose of entertainment. I am not interested in a movie where it seems like every important event was aired on 20/20 not long ago.

Jasmine reminded me of many a Darien housewife I would see when I had lunch at the GoodWives Shopping Center in Darien CT (Iconized in the movie: The Stepford Wives 1977.) 

Whether New York, Southport, Westport or Darien CT, the Northeast socialite is an comprised of an odd population, seemingly oblivious to the social stratification they gleefully and greedfully wallow in.

Ruefully I wonder if Allen has fallen prey to the ravages of old age as there was nothing in Blue Jasmine that I hadn't seen, lived, already read or watched on television within the past few years like: investment advisor Bernie Madoff, The woman fired by her dentist boss because her found her too sexy, and the ubiquitous Blanche Dubois and her crazy arse.

Sure Cate Blanchett was admirable as Jasmine, as the wife of a philandering husband that steals his investors money.  But I have seen this type of woman and the type of crazy that befalls her, so did I need to see this as another remote interpretation of A Streetcar Named Desire (right down to the scene where the gays are watching the game and Blanche er I mean Jasmine wants them to be quiet)? Did Jasmine (nee Jeanette have to go to her adopted sister's small San Francisco flat and did the boyfriend (played by actor Bobby Canavale really have to be a Stanley Kowalski doppelganger?) Right down to the insults about Jasmine's mental state? Why is everyone raving about this movie? I mean it was decent and all but rather contrived.

Blue Is The Warmest Color      

Okay, this movie definitely went the distance in the context of explicit sex, no doubt about it. It effectively portrayed a young woman,  having her world rocked by an experienced, slightly older lover. The movie also effectively portrayed how despite the efforts of certain individuals, lesbians for the most part really aren't interested in being with bisexual women and even less interested when that woman is caught having engaged in a recent affair with a man. BITWC was honest in the way that young lesbians often go through a period where they sleep with men.

"You suck his d**k and then kiss me with that mouth?" Emma asks Adele...Isn't that what lesbians think when woman admits being bisexual?

So in this aspect the movie quite effectively portrays the emotions that are experienced when cheaters are confronted, although if the Adele character is only 15 and her lover Emma is a college woman wasn't it an unfair breakup fight? Many of us went through a period wjhewre we were sexually involved with both sexesbut that is usually only temporary and most of us will decide on one sex definitively. Most bisexuals readily admit that they choose the opposite sex for long term relationships.  Look who Amber Heard is marrying, it's NOT Taysa Van Ree.

I used to go to a Lesbian Bar called: The Phase on 8th Street in Washington DC. It's called that because how many of us were told when we were young and struggling with our burgeoning lesbian identity that is was just a "Phase."

 Sex Talk
The 10-minute sex scene in the film was so steamy that even though it shocked the French, they knew they liked what they saw and the jury at Cannes declared Exarchopoulos (Adele) and Seydoux (Emma) the best actresses of the fest, while director Abdellatif Kechiche won the coveted Palme d’Or award.  All that lauding because he took it "There" yet I never saw Adele reach  the big "O."  

I mean Violet made Corky go "Pop" in Bound, Lisbeth Salander made her woman see the stars in The Girl Who Played With Fire but all Adele did mwas make lot of porno sex sounds. 

Things That Make You Go HMMMMMM.


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