Don't worry Portia isn't divorcing Ellen.....YET

They’ve been married more than five years but Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi  looked like honeymooners in West Hollywood. 

Way to combat the nonfading rumors of marital trouble?


If you're in the know, then you're aware that Ellen met Portia at an infamous 4th of July pool party, while Ellen was still with Alexandra Hedison. Poor Alex even took that memorable snapshot with Portia Derossi sitting on Ellen's shoulders while they were in the pool playing "Chicken."
6 Months later Ellen unceremoniously kicked Alexandra out of the home they share and moved Portia in and it was Christmas Eve! Talk about lesbian drama. Talk about a mean butch!

 Now five years have gone by and I don't know they're status but Hollywood has a habit of needling and poking celebrity couples until they can't take it anymore and split up.

Maybe the gossipers are just throwing gasoline on an already slow burning fire but I smell smoke.


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