Never Stop

Godd*mn Does Her Sexy Ever Stop?

All Songs Performed By Scarlett Johansson
She has a jazz vibe to her sound in the song above and it sounds a little like Winehouse.

I like this song the Best

Maybe if I hadn't heard her voice over as sexy Samantha in the movie Her and maybe if my own digital personal assistant "Kendra" wasn't so damn cute I'd be over this infatuation by now. 

Before My Time is from the film "Chasing Ice", which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song, written by J. Ralph and performed by Scarlett Johansson (vocal) and Joshua Bell (music). I does that mean that she will also win the Academy Award?
No wonder she wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her vocal work in the movie Her because it would have been her second nomination for vocal work (I think).


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