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True that I've liked Johansson's work ever since I saw her in Lost In Translation and this latest release pretty much sums up what I have always known. Johansson is sexy for sure, but sexy in Hollywood is short lived and I was also thinking that I would like to see her in a role that is "meatier" but not in a sexual context. 

I honestly have never seen her Avengers role.Not into superheroes.

But in the movie Don Jon, Johansson oozed so much sensuality and her body so: "Oh My Effin Goddess" tight  that it was almost unbearable (Review to Come.)

Nonetheless I am still waiting for her breakout performance a.l.a Natalie Portman's Academy Award winning portrayal of "Nina" the psychologically troubled ballerina in the movie Black Swan.

A couple of things would be necessary for Johansson to pull this off: Some of you may remember that I often write about the need for : "Transformation" in a memorable movie role.

The most obvious transformation occurs with weight change. Portman lost weight for her role as the anorexic, crazy as a Bat ballerina, Tom Hanks weight ballooned so much over the years for roles in Philadelphia and Castaway, that he was recently diagnosed with diabetes. 

Matthew McConnaughey physically transformed for The Dallas Buyers Club, so that is one way to go.  However transformation needn't always occur on a physical level and since Johansson is rather shapely I wouldn't want her to change any of that, please don't change any of that "sexy" woman!

Instead I can imagine Johansson's transformation to be more emotional, more empathetic. Her voice can carry the level of emotion that accompanies life changing events, whether catastrophic or sublime. All she needs is the right role.

Unlike many of my readers who scan my blog looking for something to complain about to their mommy blog, I am not much of a Tina Fey, Britanna, or Olivia Wilde fan.  In fact to Joaquin Phoenix's character Theodore Twombly said it best while recounting his disastrous blind date with a woman played by Wilde to his O/S Samantha: "There was nothing sexy about her. (Wilde)"

My sentiments exactly.


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