I am BACK B*tches!!!!

Did you miss me?
Whew getting relocated to one of the most highly profiled residences in the city is cumbersome and surprisingly annoying.  It was challenging because construction still in\sn't complete and that is what delayed installation of my internet DSL, in fact I had to switch to xFinity internet because my complex still isn't in the EarthLink DSL database, so as far as they're concerned my address doesn't exist yet! AnyWho, I was without internet for almost 2 weeks until a dear friend loaned me her Hot Spot, which I proceeded to consume her monthly Gigabytes.
While offline I was able to watch some movies that I had on my PC but had never watched.
I finally got to see what all of the Hoopla was over The Notebook:

if the movie Passion didn't make me a fan of actress Rachel McAdams, the Notebook certainly did.
Now because it is a well known movie and several years old I am not going to review it.  Anything you need to know about The Notebook has already been written and written more eloquently to boot.
I also re-watched Compulsion with Heather Graham:  
I was probably hoping that it wouldn't be as horrible the second time around, but alas it was.  Poor Heather, hmm maybe she should do a topless scene, it would certainly be appreciated by me. I haven't seen but 2 episodes of the new season of GIRLS because I don't want to see Lena Dunham trying to be sexy and sure enough I saw on Access Hollywood that she is up to her old "You will find me sexy whether or not you like it" tricks again. Sigh.
Well I still have loads of unpacking to do and I have to get my clothes out of the dryer. Ciao For Now.
Eye Candy: 
Scarlett Johansson (hiding baby bump) at Avengers 2 Premier


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