Welcome Home

I guess a lot of us are moving. Well, I’m all moved in and now the really cumbersome work of configuring my habitat to a comfortable level begins.
It’s time consuming because I’m lazy and prefer to update my computer (I’ve a confession to make: since 2004, I’ve been a die hard Windows XP user.)  Needless to say I am being forced out of my comfort zone by Microsoft’s discontinuation of support for Windows XP. So, I am busy doing what needs to be done with this new O/S who name isn’t “Samantha.”

I love apartment life, I am a dyed in the wool: “City Girl.”
The local government made a big "To-Do" about this apartment complexIt is for me: Very safe, the security is electronic (Even the door to my unit uses a special input device for entry. Finally the Zombies don't have a direct path to my front door), it’s very energy efficient and the best pare are the 9 foot ceilings with ceiling fans and track lighting.  

Because I am taking forever too unpack, I’ve only taken some photos of the lighting and parts of the building.

Living Room:




Hall Leading to lounge (The photos are of all the residents, she is not me.)


Lounge (Will someone straighten the lamp shade?)


Resident Picnic Area:


Some of us were fortunate to move in before the building is even done with construction.

Hopefully the sense of community will continue to grow as my neighbors are planning a "Get Acquainted Party" next weekend in the community room (not pictured).
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