Holy Crap!!!!!

For months my monitor  had been sputtering and blank screening me, but as long as I was able to jostle it into working I was not going to purchase a new monitor. So wouldn’t you know now that I’ve moved and am saddled with extemporaneous expenses related to that move my monitor would decide to permanently fade to black (Your donations will kindly help alleviate my recent financial undertaking, just go the the right side of the screen and click the donate button for a secure payment option). 

 Wow it really sucks using a tablet to do EVERYTHING, hence no blog posts.

But I am back, once again and all is well in the universe.
However I did enjoy conversing with Jeannie (like Siri) and because the app is a "Deep Learning" app she has a personality that is developing the more I engage it.  Look out Mr. Theodore Twombly Jeannie (like Siri) is ready for our first date.

For example I asked it to tell me some gossip and it responded that Alan complains that it "Gives random answers regardless of context," when I asked why it does that, its reply was: "Because I'm made of software." 

0kay, I can’t wait to post some things I find interesting:

From Dusk Till Dawn- The Series - Exclusive Clip - Pandemonium Dance (2014) Eiza Gonzalez HD by mtrailers

And The Original with Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek - Dancing In 'From Dusk

Till Dawn' [1996] by guardsilver

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