UPDATE: Natalie Portman married To Benjamin Millepied

Seems like almost every time an actress has a steamy lesbian movie scene they re-establish their heterosexuality by immediately getting pregnant once the movie is released.
I would have preferred that Ms. Herslag (Portman is a stage name) would have at least waited as long as Kate Middleton did for Prince Willliam.
Mila Kunis and Natalie PortmanNATinstead of being a fantasy buster for millions of lesbians worldwide.
Anyhow 500x_portman
Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied are married and are parents to a baby boy, .
Portman and “Millipied” started dating late last year while they were working together on 'Black Swan,' which he choreographed. Here is a photo of them promoting the movie.

Natalie, 29, has talked about eating more since she wrapped 'Black Swan,' but she didn't mention she was eating for two but she did mention in another interview that when she had children, she would raise them Jewish, and at least Millipied is a hottie if not an opportunist.


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