MacDonald Sings at First Gay Marriage In New York Making Her, A Sistah After My Own Heart

Audra MacDonald  played Dr.Naomi Bennett on ABC’s Private Practice.


“How Can Two People, who love each other and want to raise a family be a bad thing?” Sic Broadway and Television actress Audra MacDonald

McDonald sang at the first gay marriage in New York. “Gonna sing at the celebration of the first gay marriage officiated by Mayor Bloomberg this weekend,” said McDonald via Twitter. “So honored and excited!”

Other members of the Broadway community celebrating will be Tony Award nominee Rory O’Malley along with Broadway Impact and the cast of Hair. O’Malley recently announced that in celebration of New York State’s landmark marriage equality legislation, same-sex couples from the Broadway community will gather at the St. James Theatre following the evening performance of Hair to be among the first couples legally wed in NY.

This is what I love to see.  In the area I live in African Americans are too busy strangling themselves with their own “Bible Belts,” too busy introducing marriage equality bills only to ultimately vote against the very bill they introduced. Basically too busy acting ignorant and self absorbed.

- Michael C. Gioia


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