FUCK Yeah!: Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Prequel Morphs Into ‘Prometheus,’ Starring Noomi Rapace

Ever since it was announced that Ridley Scott was returning to the Alien franchise with a new prequel, rumors have run rampant regarding the project. Today, it looks like many of the rumors will finally be put to rest, as a large amount of information about the project has surfaced, such as Noomi Rapace, my favorite tough Hacker “Lisbeth Salander” is set to star in the Alien prequel titled: Prometheus.
Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium Trilogy.
Swedish newspaper Expressen recently had a chance to speak to Prometheus star Michael Fassbender about his impression so far of working with Swedish co-star Noomi Rapace.
"I'm very impressed with her work ethic. She's extremely serious about her work and very dedicated. It's quite obvious how talented she is. I watched some of her films recently, including The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and it was fantastic. I didn't expect the film to be so good."

'Prometheus' Star Noomi Rapace Reveals 'Alien' Connection, Compares Her Character With Ripley.

The "Prometheus" cast is starting to fill out with acclaimed actors including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba. But for many, it all starts with Noomi Rapace, the leading lady in Ridley Scott's hotly anticipated return to the science fiction genre.
As usual, Fassbender is keeping tight lipped about anything to do with the heavily guarded Prometheus storyline, but he did tell Expressen that it's an action movie just like the first Alien movies.
When asked about working with Ridley Scott, he says:

"It's a privilege to work with someone like Ridley Scott in a huge movie like this. He doesn't settle for anything but the very best."
Now if only Rapace would do this in the Alien Prequel:



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