The Hetero-Sexualization of Lisbeth Salander and the “NON”-Myth of Bisexuality


On Friday November 11, 2011 I saw on another website the cover of an Entertainment magazine with a photo of Roony Mara who had her arms and legs wrapped around Daniel Craig in a promotion for the upcoming film: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [The Above picture is not the photo in question].

Already I am ssoo over this movie because I am tired of every promotional image I see for this movie having the character; Lisbeth Salander all over the male character.  I find this troubling because it reinforces what I’ve written in this blog for MONTHS: 

“Bisexuals Only Use The Same Sex For Pleasure [and not Long Term Relationships].” Albeit in this movie Lisbeth Salander nay be using both sexes.

Nonetheless she is repeatedly depicted with the male as the primary focal point, so uinless they already have a sequel planned this depiction is what we get: "Same sex interaction for purely male arousal). How about the fact that Lisbeth AVENGES her female lover's rape? I hope we get to  see that, hmm maybe it's in the 2nd movie.

The Bisexuality "NON" Myth

Preface: I have never been "hurt" romantically by a Bisexual woman, nonetheless I find the inability to define themselves clearly deceptive.

I don’t believe Bisexuality is a Myth. But it does mean that heterosexuals seek homosexuals for sexual pleasure yet have significant others or life partners of the opposite sex and it’s ALWAYS meant that.

Therefore it’s invalid to try to create an environment (The bisexual movement) where Bisexuality is viewed as anything more than someone who’s in a heterosexual relationship sleeping with a person of the same sex either behind their straight lover’s back or with the straight lover’s knowledge. Back in the day it was called Swinging and it's fine if that's one's preference .  

The problem I have is that it is all too convenient for bisexuals to jump on the LGT bandwagon to demand the rights that lesbians, gays, and trans people have struggled and (at times were killed) for years to achieve, when bisexuals already have those rights under the ruse of heterosexuality they cling to.

I endeavored to prove my assumption that Bisexuals only sleep partners of the same sex, but have life partners who are heterosexual. 

First: there is the reality that every bisexual woman you see on TV and in real life is partnered with a male (The exception being Amber Heard who went from being Lesbian to Bisexual (Just in time for the release i=of The Rum Diary). I seriously doubt Heard's claim is a legitimate claim  and if it is then Taysa Van Ree (Amber's partner) is the ONLY lesbian I ever heard of who is knowingly in a relationship with a bisexuall woman.

Second: it seems that bisexuals always complain about being persecuted but never clearly define themselves or their true intentions.

On dating websites bisexuals use the label "Lesbian" because as one told me:  "I don't want men getting freaky with me." To me this is misleading and selfish at minimum. Why use a lesbian identity? To take advantage of the emotional connection lesbians achieve that's why.

I visited many social networking sites that cater to bisexuals.  

In one forum I read a rather lengthy piece that attempted to rationalize why Bisexuals always choose life partners of the opposite  sex and the excuse went something like this:

“Because Same Sex Marriage isn’t legal in all states, Bisexuals can’t get married to the same sex if they happen to live in one of those states.”

Oh so I guess that means that all those Gay Men and Lesbians who aren’t legally married to their homosexual life partner, should dump their partner of 25 years or more if they happen to live in a state where marriage equality doesn’t exist (YET) and marry someone of the opposite sex  if they want to be married. This is a joke right?

Really? Is this the type of Bullsh*t they expect me or any other intelligent individual to believe?  That’s as bad as a person who gives birth calling their self a man in my book. About a month ago I posted this question on You Tube and in some forums:

“Can you name one bisexual person who has a “Life Partner” of the same sex? [Amber Heard doesn't count because she only came out as bisexual once the Rum Diary was released].

I am still waiting for an answer. You can post your answer in the comments area, but I honestly doubt that anyone will.


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