On Becoming a 12 Million Dollar 21st Century Hollywood "Ho" Part 1

UPDATE: 2nd Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Announced. Also photos from the 1st sex tape restored.

These economically challenging times necessitate that women (young and older) utilize their goddess given talents in unique ways, in order to remain financially solvent.

So what measures can we take to ensure financial stability during unstable times? What Characteristics does one need that is a virtual guarantee of monetary liquidity?

Well Parentage is important because a successful 12 Million Dollar Hollywood “HO” usually is the offspring of the penultimate publicity seeker, a mother or father who is  essentially clueless and inappropriate, carelessly spewing comments that an educated person knows are off-limits, the equivalent of throwing an awkward bomb into a conversation. Comments like: "I hate an Indian giver. It's a gift, you know." Tell that to Judge Judy.

Example 1:

Kris Brenner.  Brenner is poised to become 2011’s Mother/Madam for whoring out  her entire brood: Kim. Khloe, Kourtney, KBlah-KBlah-KBlah…I mean KRobert. imageDon’t you love how Brenner ignorantly ignores criticism she receives? No apologies from this Skank Du Jour.  

I swear she attended the Sarah Palin school of: “I’m not offending you.  You’re picking on me.”

Indian Giver:  As in those people [Europeans] that nearly killed off indigenous/Native Americans with their smallpox-filled blankets (Yes Lord Jeffery Amherst you are BUSTED). 

Indian as in the people where were rounded up, driven off their ancestral lands, and plunked onto reservations. 

"Indian giver" is such an old phrase, a lot of people don't even realize how racist it is (Oh Yes they Do). But it comes from European settlers who mistook bartered good for gifts. "Oh, you wanted something in return for those pheasants and furs?" It's the kind of phrase wealthy, entitled people use against poorer people. Such is the nature of an racist who feels "entitled", they believe that by the virtue of their social status and racial classification that they are inherently entitled to good things they obtain.

Arguably in mixed company such phrases lie: Indian Giver would make most people squirm and look away, and there's that awful silent pause when people think, "Did she really say that???.” Brenner is the NEW type of racist.  The type of mother that pushes her children  to comingle with financially successful members associated with historically “Suspect Classes.”

That’s right African Americans don’t get all comfortable with the Kar”shit”ians because I can virtually guarantee you all that “Black Love” is nothing more than a ruse to secure key demographic audiences.  Umm basically that’s the plan of the Kardashian Brenner Klan.

Next we move on the the nefarious Skank-O-Licious: Kim Kardashian who scanned the NBA, seeking a suitable candidate to launch her next project: A Reality television show focusing on her marriage. 

Kim Kardashian's 'wedding staged,' says her


I doubt it was from a “Disgruntled” ex-publicist because I’ve watched the Kardashian reality shows and they are truly annoying as hell, so you know it was staged for television.image
Time for a “Reality Check,” Kim Kardashian has already been married once so this is her second marriage and granted she is the offspring of socially clueless Khris Kardashian, Kim nonetheless inherited some major marketing and Branding skills from MaMa/Madam Khris.

Kim knows what marriage is like, she’s ridden that train already [pun intended], so if this marriage wasn’t staged then why didn’t Kim put as much effort into her marriage with first husband Damon Thomas or with singer Ray J? at minimum Humphries is biracial.

Kim and Damon Kim and Ray J in a still from their sex tape.
Photo #2

Kim is very attractive (without  all the makeup but I don’t like the girl. Not because she duped some stupid dude, but because she is a graduate of the Paris Hilton school of: “ If You Have No Discernmable  Talent? Then be a skank.” 

It’s only a matter of time this wannabe ho is photographed getting out of a limousine or SUV crotch first and without underwear ala Britney Spears.

Apply DOUBLE Standard HERE:

I want you to know that so far the only people  who seem to be geting away with this are white people, or those perceived to be white [what else is new?].

Case in point:
When Sex Tapes Attack and delusion runs wild

Actor Larry Fisburne's Daughter's TAPE Is Leaked . . . And Lil Mama Is Bussin It WIDE OPEN!!!


This is just tragic becasue. Montana Fishburn not going to be the next Sasha Grey. She's not white and NO porn star of color that I am aware of is a top actor in legitimate theatre. Oh and Vanessa Williams didn't do pornography, so don't go there.

Back to the Bastardization of marriage.

Heterosexuals want to deny us the privilege of Marriage: A privilege that they regularly trivialize and abuse.



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