I was contemplating writing an article on how “Satan-a” Er..I mean Santana deserved to be outted on Glee when I came across this article:

Harvard considers asking applicants about LGBT status

Perfect! Now I can address  both issues: I still contend that Santana did deserve to be outted as a result of her cruel and downright hateful actions towards her classmates each season [more on that later]\. 

As far as Harvard considering asking students about the status of their sexual orientation: I understand that some students may be hesitant to out themselves in the college application process. I don’t feel it’s necessary and is a violation of privacy. The first year of College is the beginning of self discovery, given  the responses I have seen regarding the outing of Santana, it is clear that some people are so far in the closet that one would have to send in an expedition to find them. Later I will explain my “flip-flopping.”


I went to college as a “Non Traditional” student. When I was an undergrad traditionally aged students for the most part had already graduated. I was a Frances Perkins Scholar at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

I mention this because by the time I was a fresh”man” in college I was young woman and already OUT. Therefore I could observe the way lesbian and gay students were treated. Sure I ran into Homophobes, but comparatively speaking to an eighteen year old, I was an adult who could effectively handle situations that did not result in violence. Some of my friends were gay, and the emotionally immature would make kissing sounds as we walked by but I didn’t care because my friend was French and well she was Lesbian and French…Hello. I ran a higher risk of insult being mixed race.

 Besides many colleges and universities have Lesbian and Gay Alliances.  Such on campus groups give students a choice on how to navigate through an academic environment. If a school or other institution wants to appear “Welcoming” then make resources like support groups and alliances available The organization shouldn’t want a student to out themselves.

The Outing of Santana

As ridiculous as it may seem some people agree with this:

“"It makes me sick to think people feel Santana deserved to be outed. Outing someone is NEVER justified.”

In whose universe is this Bizarre Logic still the norm?  Apparently that person has either never been bullied or is too afraid to stand up for themselves. That statement makes ME sick because they are living in such fear of being outed they want others to suffer as much as they are silently suffering.

Please young people who read my blog, get this through your soft skulls. If you are bullied, you MUST fight back and that means using EVERY weapon you have (Not guns or knives of course).  Your Bully [In Glee it’s been Santana for like: FOREVER] isn’t thinking: “Gee I have a lot to loose if I’m exposed so I better cool it.” 

Your bully isn’t thinking that you may turn the tables on them and your silence only empowers them more. 

When I was growing up my bullies didn’t ordinarity use weapons, so I fought back.  I complained to my older siblings about being bullied but they wouldn’t help me, they told me to fight back because my bullies didn’t care about what I thought or what dirt I had on them (At least not until they were reminded).

Maybe 20 years ago outing wasn’t justified, but it’s a NEW Day damn it. Time To GROW UP. People are dying {committing suicide, or murder] from being Bullied! 

There  is NO reason that people who are bullied must suffer in silence.

Fight Back, even if it means outing your Bully.


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