Impossible Women

Tom Cruise knows how to appeal to my sensibilities, so maybe that’s why I love the Mission Impossible franchise so much, although I must admit that I really only started watching when Thandie Newton appeared in MI II. Leaping off of tall buildings + hot women = Yeah Babbby and have it all done by Bad Robot (Cloverfield) Productions. I don’t particularly a fan of Tom Cruise, I go for the special effects, girls, and gadgets.

Consider the Mission Impossible leading ladies as the “21 Century Bond Girls.” I will definitely be waiting for MI IV and as usual I will see it in the theater on the big screen. 

There are only a handful of actresses I will pay to see a movie for if they are fortunate enough to have scored a leading role in a  Mission Impossible movie.

Paula Patton, hell I didn’t even pay to see Jumping The Broom. Her lead in MI IV has catapulted her to superstardom. In I believe that this movie is going to be good because it incorporates some similar characteristics that were evident in Mission Impossible II that starred Thandie Newton.

Paula Patton in MI 4
MI IV Trailer:

Michelle Monahan in MI3 Played the wife of Ethan Hunt [Cruise] and oh yeah SHE saves him.


Maggie Q in MI 3 is now Nikita on the CW

Thandie Newton in MI 2 went on to  appear in the Oscar winning movie CRASH


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