This Is Why The B*tch Has To Go…

“…she [allegedly] broke the law to help pay for her own wedding just a few months before she moved to deny weddings for same-sex couples.”

Another argument why Heterosexuals shouldn’t decide who has rights.  It’s bad enough that many heterosexuals are now claiming to be a member of the Bisexual movement, but there are really only 2 sexual orientations: Heterosexual and Homosexual. Therefore no matter who you sleep with you are either engaging in a Homosexual act or a Heterosexual act, even if you have sex with both sexes at [virtually] the same time.. 
There Done and you cannot argue against that, however if you believe that you can then please leave a comment. I would love to read from those who’ve been mislead by other lesbian websites [AE, Autostraddle etc] into believing that Bisexuality is legitimate 3rd sexual orientation.

Post Modernist logic tends to back away from either/or scenarios however either an individual sleeps with a male or a female (unless they are into Bestiality). That is the basis for individuals who argue that Bisexuality doesn’t exist. We all have the potential to sleep with either sex.
There is no 3rd sexual orientation and every time I see a lie on another so-called lesbian site I will tell the truth and I don't care if I loose readers.

But I digress, back to this duplicitous/thieving b*tch:...

The lawyer representing Maryland State Del. Tiffany Alston says he’s convinced that Alston was targeted for alleged campaign finance violations under the state’s criminal law because she withdrew her support for a same-sex marriage bill earlier this year. [Done in an attempt to please her constituents in the African American communality]. 

It’s NO Secret that the majority of African Americans are notoriously homophobic, even worse is the fact that those who are High Profile LGBT and African American often choose to remain closeted  [Queen Latifah a.k.a Dana Owens].

Gordon said he will argue at Alston’s trial, scheduled to begin Jan. 10, that the funds Alston withdrew from her campaign account were her own personal funds.
“So the funds that she’s accused of stealing were actually her personal funds that she invested in her own campaign with agreements with the campaign treasurer that she would be reimbursed for what she contributed to the campaign,” he said. “And the law allows for that as well.”

Yes except there are protocols and procedures in place to ensure that embezzelment [Sp] doesn't occur.  For example if one is allowed a reimbursement then there is paperwork tht has to be completed first so there is a record. A person doesn't dip their hand into campaign funds on a WHIM.
Politics is a fickle mistress and although some will claim that “No one knows what would have happened if Alston hadn’t voted against marriage equality.” But it almost a certainty that Tiffany’s arrest was inevitable.  

You’ve seen how cover-ups that grow up the ladder of authority bring down powerful people, if you are clueless as to what I am referring to  the look at Joe Sandusky [Penn State] sex abuse scandal. I doubt that Alston voting against marriage equality was as much of a factor as her mishandling public funds was.  

Of course being like most politicians Alston has to appeal to her Homophobic and primarily African American voting block by saying that she’s being persecuted because of her new position against Marriage Equality.
When asked if the backlash he claims resulted in Alston’s indictment was brought about, in part, by gay community outrage over her decision to switch sides on the marriage bill, Gordon said he bases his assertion on “anecdotal” rather than “empirical” evidence.

Of course it was but we ALL VCAN MAKE CLAIMS THAT ARE NOT RELATED TO WRONGDOING, however if one does violate a regulation BY taking an unpopular stance on something they previously supported only expedites any scrutiny they were already under.
“I think it was an unpopular position that she took,” he said. “It took a lot of courage for her to reconsider her previous position and vote the way her constituency insisted that she voted. And she’s paying the price for it. And who’s behind it? Let’s just say those who were in favor of gay marriage. That’s the best I can say.” And that's nOT saying Much.
Editor’s NOTE:  I am a person of color, I however am biracial and multi-ethnic, I do not identify as “Black.”
Maybe Alston should have voted for what is right and not what a group of homophobic ignorants, who believe in fairy tales want, particularly when there are far more pressing issues in the “Black” community [Crime, Drug Abuse, Abject Poverty]. No I do not believe that it is “God’s” law that every woman belongs with a main if they want the benefit of marriage, she would have had a case.  Then again Naah.
Gay rights attorney Patrick Wojahn, who serves as board chair for the Equality Maryland Foundation, a statewide LGBT advocacy group, described as a “red herring” Gordon’s claim that Alston was singled out for prosecution due to her flip-flop on the marriage bill.
“These are completely separate issues,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any likelihood that the state prosecutor would care about a legislative issue.”
Lisa Polyak, board chair of Equality Maryland, said Gordon’s claim that Alston’s indictment was linked to her views on the marriage bill came as a surprise to the group.
“Our focus continues to be on achieving equal treatment under the law for the LGBT community of Maryland, and we welcome Del. Alston’s assistance in this struggle,” Polyak said. “Mr. Gordon’s remarks are disappointing, as they seem to scapegoat our community as a means to achieve fair treatment for his client.”
I am glad the b*tch was taken down.


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