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First be certain that I am definitely posting: Mission Impossible 5: Ghost Protocol if only to see image Beautiful Paula Patton.

I was “straddling” the fence in regards to posting the U.S. remake of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, however since I am not inclined to write recaps I will also post that movie after it is released, despite my reservation due to the similar camera angles, even similar lighting to the proper version. It was TOO SOON to remake this movie and was only done to satiate ignorant and xenophobic U.S. audiences.


Nonetheless December 21st is a good movie going weekend as both movies are scheduled for release that day this year’s offering of cinematic delights appear far more promising than past years, although I am not sure or not the remake of TGWTDT gets permanent placement in the Muvies2 vault. Such an action remains to be seen.

In the meantime I am pleased to present the classic lesbian film: When Night Is Falling. Starring Pascale Bussieres as Camille an uptight and conservative professor working on tenure as a literacy professor at a theological university, when she finds herself strangely attracted to Petra,a free-spirited, liberal woman, (played by actress Rachel Crawford) who works at a local carnival which comes to town.
Sweet poignant, ethereal and sublime are the words I used to describe Patricia Rozema work.
Enjoy this beautiful filmed romantic adventure. Movie will be re-added to the Muvies2 Vault this weekend.


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