Watch: Bomb Girls Ep 2 Misfires

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Look, EVERYONE on the web has a virtual girlfriend and I'm no different. I have always adored Meg Tilly. In fact when it concerns both of the Tilly Sisters, well I had a virtual crush on Meg first, I only started to be a fan of Jennifer after Meg dropped off of the radar and seeing Jennifer’s awesome performance as Violet in the movie BOUND [truthfully I secretly wished that Meg had played the role].

I was smitten with Meg first, when I watched her Academy Award nominated performance as the deluded pregnant novice who’s convinced she’s the Immaculate Conception in the movie Agnes of God I knew she was someone special. Hollywood knew also.

Tilly’s uniqueness is in her mannerisms and she was really becoming a big movie star, having appeared in Agnes of God with Jane Fonda and the all star cast of the Big Chill, Psycho 2 with Anthony Perkins {Incidentally reviewed as one of the best in the Psycho franchise} to her performance with Annette Bening, and future baby daddy Colin Firth [Best Actor in: The King’s Speech] and the Dangerous Liaisons spinoff Valmont.

I am so happy to see Meg back on the small screen in the mini series Bomb Girls:

In Bomb Girl’s Tilly plays Lenore: Shift Matron who is a living paradox. Strong and self assured in a male dominated era [The 1940s] Margaret Chan [nee Meg Tilly] is vulnerable: To her disabled husband that avoids intimacy, to management and males on her shift that harass female workers and diminish her stature as a leader but she is most vulnerable to the sexy Italian stud with whom she is both repelled by and attracted to.


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