Remember Them?…Well It’s Time To Bring Them Back!

When I first saw t.A.T.u perform I was like: “Well that’s just fine: ”Finally a Lesbian couple that’s NOT in the closet.” Oops they aren’t lesbian, and I was disappointed but not as disappointed as I am today with former lesbian websites now trying to convince us that lesbians marry and have children with men, or even worse all the: “Recaps”, “Snapcaps” and “Hubcap” bullsh!t on the web!

Maybe in 2012, t.A.T.u is not as lesbian oriented as when they first started, but can you blame them? Still they’ve he;d strong despite a global population that is satisfied with relying on their imaginations to provide what they were clearly getting. What kind of lesbian viewing audience prefers not seeing two women kiss? American. They would rather say: “Hope that next year will be better.” After all, that’s what they said for 5 years of the L Word: “Maybe Next Season Will Be Better.” But it never got better did it? in fact it got so bad that the L Word was cancelled. Ahh how silly are American audiences?
The Song That Started It ALL:

At least Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina, knew how to act lesbian. Hell the fans didn’t have to make up nonsense, like with Rizzoli and Isles.

The women in t.A.T.U were ALWAYS in each other’s face: Kissing and what not, plus they sounded good!

So what if t.A.T.u used a marketing ploy [Apparently the SAME marketing ploy nearly EVERYONE in Hollywood is using now] it was refreshing and if they didn’t come out of the Heterosexual closet would we had known any better?

Besides how long can you pretend to be a lesbian before you actually become a lesbian?

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina

t.A.T.u. - You & I 2011 [The Unofficial Video]
So Very GAY

Oh sure Americans had a field day ridiculing this duo when they announced that they aren’t lesbian. The SAME Americans who cream their panties over Megan Fox, who claims that’s she’s been with a woman, although we never were offered any proof..Or Anna Paquin who thinks a photo of her holding hands with a woman is all her lesbian fans need and let's not forget the SAME fans who have spent over 20 years speculating whether Queen Latifah is a Dyke, D-U-H.

The great thing about t.A.T.U is that they are still all up in each other's face, kissing, holding each other and what not! Who cares if they are straight, or are they? Whichever they certainly are consistent and no one is flaunting a man [Ms. Paquin and Megan "Mrs. Brian Austin Green" Fox]..

Young people in America and everywhere else today are CLUELESS, seriously. Get it together already.


Hey Ms. Snarker! Tell Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander to pose like that, then you have subtext. These two straight [?] women played lesbian better than today's slew of heterosexual performers do, and THAT'S So GAY with a Rainbow and a Pony!


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