Out At The Wedding

After telling her fiancé, Dana, that her entire family is dead, Manhattanite Alex whisks off to her childhood home in South Carolina to serve as bridesmaid at her high-maintenance, estranged sister Jeannie's wedding. As she tries not to steal Jeannie's thunder by telling her family that a) she's engaged, and b) the man she's going to marry is a Jewish African American, things get a little mixed up. A Delightful, Funny and Romantic Screwball Comedy.


I really enjoyed this movie, it’s very funny and for the first time I DON’T see Jill Bennet and Cathy diBouno as overexposed lesbian actresses, who try too hard to be noticed, but as HOT lesbians!

Written by Paula Goldberg Out At the Wedding is a “Screwball” comedy. Screwball Comedies are the most difficult to write and are a kind of romantic comedy; Most the time, screwball comedies focus on romance and usually include visual jokes, stupid characters, and some sex conflict between characters. Women are powerful this movie. For example, the movie American Pie is an illustration of screwball. This movie show a group of boys trying to have their first sexual experience with a girl before graduation. Somehow the screwball comedy works better with lesbian characters.


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