Mea Culpa…My Bad

image As they say on Spartacus: “Apologies.”  I honestly thought that episode 23 of Pretty Little Liars was the season finale. Previous seasons have only had 23 episodes so Maya leaving Emily was for me: The End.

As I was reading another lesbian website I discovered that the season finale actually aired on Monday March 12th, 2012 [Incidentally the day after my birthday].

Here’s the  deal: How happy was I that Aria turned the the tables on her controlling parents? 10/10 how disappointed was I that she didn’t follow through and now her image boyfriend Ezra no longer has a job? 10/10. How likely is it that Aria becomes preggers and ends up a teen mom? 10/10.

Look Aria’s father is a bully and merely because someone is a parent doesn’t mean that they always do the right thing. It’s all about: “Boundaries.”

You learn to respect boundaries from your parents, so they have to demonstrate that they also know how to respect boundaries.

I grew up in the age of parental: “Double Standards.” It was all “Do as I say, not as I do.” Ariel’s father failed to demonstrate that he respected the boundaries of his marriage.

Dad’s behavior blurred the boundaries for his daughter and since Aria and Ezra have probably already had sex, her father’s actions have now made the necessity of feeling such closeness with Ezra even more important and urgent. When you’re young though you don’t understand such things.

Now if this had been a Nuyorican or African American household well probably the same thing would have happened. Today’s teens are essentially clueless. Sorry guys but most of you are as dumb as a sack of wet sand.

I’m a social media junkie, from reading every online major news source to enjoying all the social media that was in its infancy when I was younger. In those days [Apparently when dinosaurs roamed the Earth] Teen stupidity wasn’t as out in the open as it is today because there was NO Twitter, or You Tube. Basically if you didn’t want anyone to know how stupid you really are, all you had to do was keep your big mouth shut. Not so easy for the 21st century teenager, who believes that everything they read online warrants a response no mater how asinine the one they give is and who think that everyone they encounter online is a peer that should be confronted.

So with the exception of engaging in sex, Pretty Little Liars is not a true representation of today’s teenager. The characters often display a higher level of intelligence and routinely engage in reflection and self examination. The male characters don’t spend their time gushing over seeing “Titties” and “Boobies” and the female characters they are supportive of their lesbian peer and her relationships.

Which brings me back to this season’s finale. How cool was the reversal? What reversal you ask?

Well in screen writing there is a thing called a “Reversal” where the viewer is lead to assume one thing when the opposite is true. Oh yeah because I know about screenwriting I know about the reversal. The moment Jenna took off the bandage and said nothing, causing Toby to assume that she was still blind and say: “I’m sorry” I knew right then that she could see. So near the end when she sat in front of the mirror removing her makeup staring blankly ahead only to swat a fly right on point, well for me it was: Game On!



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