Move Over Prince Albert Of Monaco…

Last year I posted on how Prince Albert of Monaco loves to have babies with black women, but reserves the privilege and pomposity of being a royal solely for white image women [That is how racism works people.  Albert my be nice to his lovers that are of color and pay them off, but when it concerns social standing and access to the throne, well that is reserved  for whites]. That’s not racist, it’s the truth.

But before Albert’s antics there were the Princesses: Caroline and Stephanie, Daughters of beloved Hollywood actress and future Princess of Monaco: HSH [Her Sovereign Highness] Grace Kelly .

Grace Kelly
Princess Caroline of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi
of Monaco
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Grace Kelly was a famous Academy Award winning actress in Hollywood and actually left Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier long before I even heard about her, but I certainly  remember that there were two old movies that I watched on television that Grace Kelly starred in: High Noon [Kelly’s very FIRST movie role] and Rear Window. As a child I was mesmerized, who was this pretty lady? If it was a Saturday, then after morning cartoons and chores, there were old westerns playing on television. I am not a fan of westerns, but if the movie “High Noon” was playing, oh yeah you better bet that I would watch it. I was “jonsin” for Grace Kelly real bad baby. ;oÞ

For children of color race is not an an issue until made so by adults, or children that are influenced by adults. So I had no issue with Grace Kelly, she was inarguably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
Being biracial [Well at least for me] there was never any: “Hey why do I look different?” I looked as much like Grace Kelly when I was a child, as I did Gia Carangi when I was in Manhattan, [Translation: I didn’t look like either one, but it didn’t matter.] The truth is that I never considered myself or saw myself as any less beautiful. Self perception is a major issue that those who are affected by racism endure. To this day, I would have to experience a blatant incident of racism to see it as such and not just as a person acting like a fool.

Grace Kelly is probably why the only blonds I consider beautiful are Charlize Theron, Jenny McCarthy, Ingrid Bergman, Gudrun Langrebe and Kelly Carlson who played Kimber Henry on Nip/Tuck. They have what I define as Princess Grace beauty.

Every Little Girl Wants To Be A Princess

After i became a teenager I researched Kelly, and learned that she has left Hollywood to marry a prince. Can you imagine? Of course this was long before Disney gave us  Princess Jasmine of Aladdin or Princess Tiana of: The Princess and the Frog, I was unaware that such fairy tales rarely if ever happen to women of color [Illustrated by Prince Albert not marrying the black women that he was involved with, but still having children with them]. Nonetheless I was enchanted and when I saw her daughters I saw that Grace Kelly's legacy of beauty continued.

Now one of Grace’s grandchildren: Charlotte Casiraghi the daughter of Grace’s oldest daughter Princess Caroline and her husband the Late Stefano Casiraghi is continuing the reign of beauty.

If you are wondering why I didn’t write about Princess Stephanie, it’s because I’ll never forget the news of how she was speeding on one of Monaco’s twisty roads and crashed her car, killing the passenger: Her mother, the beloved Princess Grace. I know that I rambled on, it goes to show that Grace Kelly had an influence on me.
Today’s generation follows Will and Kate of the U.K. and while my generation followed Diana and William, I followed the Rainier’s of Monaco.
Charlotte Casiraghi

Look, I am not hearing all that: “How dare you worship some white woman.” Please be clear that I do not worship anyone. Nonetheless Grace Kelly was absolutely stunning when she was alive and her appearance is why Hollywood showered so much attention on her. Her beauty and talent is the reason why the public adored her and is why I became enchanted when I learned about her. I mean just LOOK at her:


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