Oh Maya..Why Did Ya Go and Break Emily’s Heart?

The “saddest moment of the night” goes to Emily, who read a heartfelt letter from Maya (Bianca Lawson) after receiving a text from her: “They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,” which really must be true — because I want Maya back in Rosewood. Like: Right Now!

So it appears that in the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, Maya has said goodbye image to Emily.  BUT….is it for good? As far as I am concerned it is.

It is incongruent for Maya to initially be portrayed as a young woman who had her act so “together” that she was willing to  wait for Emily Fields because Emily was confused about her sexual identity, to now being a sniveling lying coward that not only is dishonest about her own sexual orientation, but who also may have run off with her male paramour.

Oh Hell To The NO! It’s bad enough that I’ve challenged the motivations of people who identify as bisexual and this development certainly doesn’t help the bisexual cause any. But for a major network like ABC to play into such stereotypes is pretty reprehensible.

So even though I plan on going easier on people who identify as bisexual from now on. I will not go easy on a show that creates a likeable character in one season only to have her transform from an honest, respectful individual into a conniving, scheming and vindictive coward in the next season.

Now I don’t know if I will come back for the next season, I am no longer interested in the identity of “A” and I don’t want to see Emily with anyone that isn’t “ethnic,” Ethnic diversity was the cornerstone of Pretty Little Liars and I believe the socially responsible thing for networks to do is explore other cultures.

That's why I wasn't keen on  pairing Emily with a Caucasian. Such a pairing reinforces the stereotype that Asian lesbians will only date White Lesbians, the other stereotype is hat whites either always get what they want or are the most desirable. None of these stereotypes are true. Oh don't call me a racist. Everyone has race on their mind, I am just honest about it. I say and write what most think and I don't walk around with a sense of entitlement only to then wonder why others don't like me.


I mean Come On NOW! Sheesh, I know that as an adult I shouldn’t b e interested in this show, but when I was a teen, positive characters of color [Emily and Maya] imagethat  are lesbian were few and far in between.

In fact the only lesbian characters I remember were seen on television in old late night weekend movies that aired on television. Movies like: The Killing of Sister George, or The Children’s Hour [starring beautiful Audrey Hepburn and Shirely Mclain as the suicidal lesbian]. Yeah it was pretty Grimm times for sure.

So yeah I want to see something that I was denied when I was younger, plus I know that my readers like to read my posts to look for anything to indict me with.

So what happened to the character of Maya St. Germaine? Was there a write in campaign from people who didn’t want to see the fine Asian woman with the pretty brown woman? Why does it always have to be about race? Well when polled certain viewers chose everyone but Maya as a girlfriend for Emily, yep even “Crazy Eyes” Paige. All of the others were white also. So don't call me a racist when race seems to remain an issue.


Rumor is that “A” either has Maya or that Maya is “A” although I doubt it. Besides as I stated above, I am not interested in the identity of “A” anymore. I am more interested in what’s going on with the characters we do see,

I don’t know, overall I am pretty disappointed in the season.


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